Call for private investors

A private creche is a major social provider within the world of early childhood. It is normal that such a project should be accessible for investors, who want to contribute to the future of our society. Due to its status of SAS (Simplified shareholder society), the Tour de Babille allows private investors the possibility to become involved in our innovative project. Investors benefit from tax relief due to their contribution in creating jobs in a small company (TPE – Très Petite Entreprise).

Tax Relief

This is applicable for personal investment and relates to income tax or wealth tax.
  • Concerning income tax, you benefit from an 18% reduction on the amount invested. The latter is deductable the following year on the tax paid on your income. The maximum annual reduction is 9000 Euros for a single person or 18000 Euros for a married couple or civil partners (article 199 terdecies-0 A du Code Général des Impôts)
  • Regarding wealth tax, 50% of the amount can be deducted on the capital that you decide to invest in our company. The tax benefits cannot exceed 45000 Euros (Loi n° 2007-1223 du 21 août 2007)

Interested? Contact-us!

If you are interested in becoming a shareholder in our project please send us your contact details as below: